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Welcome to the World of D. Darteo Sommese.

Excerpts from a Personal on line Journal.

Welcome to my Story Gallery. I paint on canvas and I paint with words. The stories contained here are tiny slices of my tiny life. It is for friends and family and those that may happen by.

The stories contained here are in three categories, the "California Dreaming" section has some tales from my days wandering around the Golden State. The "Hollywood Stories" Section, has some tales of my days working in the film business. They are from my particular perspective, working as a background actor in Tinsel Town. The "Those Days in Rome" section is about my continuing travels among the ruins in the "Citta Eternal. If they make you smile or cry, then I have done my work well.

I put these pages together myself, using the most basic and primitive. So if there are some anomalies, please be understanding. Most of all enjoy your time here.

Some hints about navigating these pages. Clicking on the section title such as "California Dreaming" will get you to the 1st page, which has the first story on it. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will be given 4 or 5 other titles to choose from. Clicking HOME will get you back to this page. When in doubt us the back button on your browser window. .


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